Advanced Wound Matrix

The next generation in wound care

Unique Wound Management

MIRRAGEN® Advanced Wound Matrix is a synthetic, bioresorbable glass fiber technology intended to support the body’s natural wound healing processes.

Healed in 33 days* using MIRRAGEN® Advanced Wound Matrix. Age of diabetic foot ulcer was >1 year at first treatment.

Engineered for Hard-to-Heal Wounds

MIRRAGEN® is intended to manage a variety of wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, vascular ulcers, trauma wounds, and first and second-degree burns. MIRRAGEN is also used as an adjunct to surgical procedures, providing support for surgical wounds in the operating room.

Facilitates Wound Management

ETS Wound Care products assist the body’s natural healing process. 

MIRRAGEN® Advanced Wound Matrix

MIRRAGEN® Advanced Wound Matrix is the first product based on ETS Wound Care’s flagship wound care technology. The unique fiber geometry creates a flexible and moldable material that can be applied to a variety of wounds, incisions and burns.

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